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Website Building - Kingston

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Social Media Bootcamp

How Would You Feel If You Woke Up Every Morning with Orders in Your Inbox from Your Clients, Because You Have An Online Business Making You Money 24/7, And You Are Living Your Passion!


What Does Working Online Mean To you?

If you are anything like me you love to Dream Big and live a lifestyle where you can work for yourself and build a solid business that provides well for you and your family.

It’s Possible.
My name is Alicia Lyttle and I have been marketing online for the past 14 years! In

those 14 years my sister and I have made a ton of money online, traveled the world, spoken on stages around the globe, and we have been living our dream.

My sister and I have figured out a lot of things, but the one thing that has proven to be so valuable to so many people is our ability to make money online as freelancers and even more importantly to you.. is our ability to TEACH others like yourself how to do it!


Join Me LIVE in Kingston, Jamaica & together we will create your Online Business!


Success leaves traces. Through my years and years of working for myself I’ve found that success leaves traces. When I followed in the footsteps of others who had been successful then I would see similar success. I share that same teaching with my students. Follow what works and it shall work for you!

Join me and my team for a LIVE hands-on experience and together we will create your online profile on sites you can trust to work online. We will get you registered for your Payoneer card so that when you get paid you can load your money onto it and withdraw your money at an ATM machine. Oh, did I mention that when you earn online you always get paid in US Dollars!? Yes it’s true, you will be earning US Dollars not Jamaican Dollars.

When I first started teaching in Jamaica the conversion rate from the US Dollar to the Jamaican was 1 to 82. Now it’s almost 1 to 113! If you want to be secure financially you must be earning in US Dollars.

During the 2 days you will spend with me and my team, we’re going to go hands on…. That means that you bring your laptop or (rent one from us) and you will work on your business right here in class. This is not a lecture. This class is not based on theory. This is a hands-on, get to work, no excuses training! You are going to be doing work … we will be building your business together!


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We start off by assessing your skills, we show you how others who sat in the same chair you will sit in have been successful and how they are earning online so that you can model yourself after them! You’ll leave the event with your business LIVE and ready to make you money! During our events there are students who make sales and earn money even before the training is over!

Three essential activities we will cover during your two life changing days with us!



Rule #1 is to understand that it is possible

Today, people are so afraid to learn how to make money online because they are afraid it’s too good to be true, or that the opportunity is a scam, or that it could happen for other people but not for them.

Well, people have valid reasons to feel like this! There are a lot of too good to be true opportunities out there, too many scams and it can be difficult to find someone that you can trust to teach you what you need to know. This is why we have committed to teaching in a hands on environment. Bring your laptop, come to our office, and meet others who are doing it! ….

We will always tell you that what we teach is not rocket science. All we are teaching you how to do is to freelance online. Freelancing online has been around for as long as the internet has been around. It’s nothing new. All we are doing is teaching you is HOW TO DO IT RIGHT!

We start off the event by assessing your skills. 95% of the people who come to our training have no idea what they will sell online. That’s ok. We will help you figure it out!


Rule #2 is to understand that you will be responsible for your own success.

The business you set up is your business. You will be responsible for treating your clients well. You will be responsible for pushing it, for learning new skills to sell online, for being creative and for treating your business like gold!

When I look at our students who have been successful I see that they all have one important thing in common. They treat their online work like a real business! As a matter of fact I think they treat is better than most retail owners treat their businesses! Your success is directly correlated with the way that you treat your clients!

We will give you the foundation you need and then we will provide FREE ongoing support to you in our private Facebook group where you can ask any questions you have the day after the training, or a year later or 5 years later! We don’t just train you and then never keep in touch! That would horrible! We keep in touch with you and make sure that you have a safe and trusted environment to ask questions and get encouragement as you continue to build your business!


Rule #3 Relationships are essential for success

In our business we know that relationships are crucial to your success. We’ve built our company on creating a “family” environment. As sisters we run our business with love and respect and we treat our students as family! We have a Facebook group for our students that allows you to stay in touch with us, get updates and get help when you need it! with you and make sure that you have a safe and trusted environment to ask questions and get encouragement as you continue to build your business!

Your success is what makes our business so successful!

Alicia, YES, I’m in! I’m Going to Join You at Your Training!

Attendees tell us all the time that they achieved what they thought was impossible just by being at our training for 2 days. That they would never have been able to accomplish the success they have seen on their own.


So, it’s not surprising that our trainings SELL OUT every time we have one!

To ensure that you have a seat at our next training, secure your seat NOW!


We’ve structured this event as a hand-on, get to work training! What you’ll learn in detail is as follows



We will walk you through assessing the skills you already have. You will hear from the trainers about what they are doing online, the skills they turned into money online and the new skills they’ve learned along the way.



You will learn how to create a profile that will WOW! People. You have to sell yourself online and we will help you to write that profile that will impress your future clients!



We will create in class (before lunch on day 1) your first online offer. Before you eat for the day you will be set up with an offer that someone could purchase and you’re ready to earn online! It involves work, but it’s worth it! You’ll be so proud of yourself (and really really surprised at how awesome you are!) The site we start off with is the favorite of all the students! You’ll actually feel that it’s fun to be on this site and it’s super rewarding!



After lunch on Day 1 you will create a profile and start setting up to earn on another online freelancing site! This site is the best one for finding more long term work, more project based work or to find companies that want you to work for them full time from home. You trainers will tell you exactly what you need to do to position yourself for success on this site!



We will show you how to grow your business. We will tell you exactly what you need to do today and in the future to make great money online.



We leave time on Day 2 to review what you’ve set up and give you feedback. At every event we have a lot of trainers that walk around the room to assist you. The trainers are WAY over qualified to assist at these workshops. They all have thriving online businesses, but they truly LOVE what they do and they are GREAT at it! You’ll love them and you’ll appreciate how well structured the event is.

We guarantee that you’ll love the event and that our process and support group will get you on the right track to Earning Online!

If you put in the work – you will see the rewards!


How much would you expect to pay for a training like this? To spend 3 days with Top income earners and in a hands on environment with trainers and to get support after the event at no additional cost…

You would expect to pay $997 for something like this wouldn’t you!
Well it’s not $997 USD
And it’s not even $497 USD
It’s not even $297 USD

It’s only $97 USD and that’s a one time price!


I will be teaching the event and I will be joined by some amazing guest speakers!

Awesome Guest Speakers:


Andrew Reid

Andrew is musician who has turned his passion for singing into a business online! Did you know that companies will pay you to sing jingles for their companies, or a spouse will pay you to sing a song for a loved one? Well Andrew gets paid to do it all and more! Andrew will show you his earning in class and you’ll see that he’s made more than $3000 USD in one month! Andrew will be presenting on both Day 1 and Day 2.



Sue-Tanya has taken her skills as a great administrative assistant and sells those skills online. Her clients are all over the world and they love her! Sue-Tanya also takes photos of her dog and makes money with those (we’ll have to show you in class!) Sue-Tanya will present on Day 1 and she will show you how you can also learn new skills by going to the sites she recommends for learning.


Michael Rainford

Michael took the skills he learned in our website class and he’s super successful with it. Michael’s clients give him the highest reviews and he’s built a solid reputation as one of the best WordPress experts online! Mike has a gift for teaching and you will learn a lot from what Michael has to offer.


Kemar Harris

Kemar is still a student but he’s earning way more than his friends who have graduated! Kemar’s online business is booming and as a trainer his story inspires everyone who hears it! Kemar’s biggest complaint about his online work is that he has too much work! What a great problem!


Lennworth Morris

Lennworth AKA “Lenny” is an Utech grad who love to teach in class. He has so much patience and he always makes sure no one is left behind!

To Register for this event you may register online on our website, or in our office. We are located at 31 Upper Waterloo Road in Kingston 10. We are right next to MegaMart on Waterloo Road. We are in the Lee Gore Business Center and we are unit #8. Register quickly to secure your seat!

See you at the event!

To your success,

Alicia Lyttle
Internet Income Jamaica