Top 7 Services You Can Offer Online Now

Top 7 Services You Can Offer Online Now

Working online is now a serious consideration for millions of people compared to a decade or so ago. More and more people are joining the ‘gig economy’ and, in some cases, seeing better financial returns than if they were at a regular 9 – 5 job.

One of the biggest challenges facing many people who are thinking about becoming freelancers is choosing suitable services to offer online. This is especially hard to decide for people who have never worked before or those who struggle with the idea of freelancing.

If you are interested in earning an income online but not sure what services to offer, there is good news…lots of it. The truth is that you can offer almost any skill you might have, to anyone, anywhere around the world. As you read this, there are clients hiring freelancers to do everything from complex tasks, such as building websites, to simple stuff as checking email responses. People are also being hired to do graphic design, to make phone calls, to manage social media pages, and even to take pictures.

The possibilities are endless. However, there are some services that are more in demand than others. Here are 7 of the top services you can offer right now.

  1. Virtual Assistance

As a virtual assistant, you will be playing the role of a personal assistant; the only difference is that you will be doing it remotely. You basically have the opportunity to be the eyes, ears, and hands of people who are too busy to do many simple tasks. Whether it is answering customer calls, scheduling meetings, managing a Facebook page, or even doing online research, there are many things a client can hire you to do as a virtual assistant. Thousands of virtual assistants are hired daily on top freelancing websites such as Fiverr, and the demand keeps increasing.

  1. Voice Acting

If you have a really clear voice and can speak properly, you could easily land jobs as a voice actor doing voice-overs. Voice-over artists are needed to do a wide range of tasks, including scripts for TV and radio commercials, IVR recordings, voicemail, animated films and whiteboard animations. You can do general voice acting or you can fit yourself into a niche, such as speaking in a particular accent.

  1. Content Writing

Content is king, so writers are constantly in demand. People hire writers to provide content for websites, eBooks, blogs, technical documentation, and even marketing material. If you can write well and have exceptional grammar and spelling skills, you could easily land yourself a continuous stream of jobs online. In fact, writers are among the quickest to get hired and once you prove yourself to be good at what you do, you could have a stream of repeat clients.

  1. Graphic Design

If you are good at creating art and can use programs such as Photoshop, you can offer your skills to be a graphic designer. Actually, you can break down this service into numerous niches, including logo design, web design, photo editing/retouching, business card design, and book cover design, among others. Companies and individuals are constantly looking for ways to improve or create their branding identity and create eye-catching visuals, so you can be sure of a constant stream of jobs once you can prove yourself as competent in this area.

  1. Web Development

You can also be hired to create, edit and improve websites if you are skilled in web development. People are constantly building new websites or looking for ways to improve the ones they currently have, so you can be sure of constant work.

  1. Proofreading/Editing

Have an eagle eye for picking up flaws in writing? You could easily find work as a proofreader and editor. People need to polish written content for their print and eBook material, website content, articles, social media content, and other written material. You need to be quite good at English in order to be successful in this area. However, there are many software and tools you can use to enhance your efficiency and thoroughness.

  1. Transcription

If you have a good listening ear, you can also find work online as a transcriber. Transcription is the task of converting audio to text and you can either be asked to do it verbatim or within strict grammar. It is a high demand service because businesses and individuals are constantly looking to turn audio presentations, videos, speeches, podcasts, and even lectures, into text that they can then convert into books and other material. There are a number of tools that you can use to enhance your skills as a transcriber and which can make it easier as well.

As more people head online to accomplish their next project, it’s never been easier to find work online. You can check out these and other popular services, whether you want to become a full-time or part time freelancer.


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Sue-Tanya Swagberry McHorgh I am now a Level One seller! Slowly but
surely, thanks to you and your colleagues at IIJ, I am empowered to
continue growing, if only I had more time but I am extremely grateful that
the little and effort that I have expended have borne results. I shall
press on!


When I fist saw the IIJ commercial on TV I thought to myself, there’s no
way this was a scam because it was getting so much legitimate publicity.
I just remember going online and getting as much information as I could.
After about a month of just looking at it on the internet I said to myself,’I
gotta try this out’. I had a gotten a bonus at work so I was able to cover
the cost… called in sick those 2 days and went to the bootcamp.
When I sat there i was like okay, I’m gonna get rich… and then the class
started and I started to feel like I made a mistake because it just seemed
hard. I think it was the effort that scared me and knowing that it wasn’t
as easy as I thought it was going to be. But after 10 months of awesome
experiences and amazing opportunities I can definitely say it was worth it.
I’ve been having a blast so…
THANK YOU ALICIA AND IIJ. This is just one of the many…


Well, InternetIncomeJamaica, exactly 12 months passed, and i want
to give you guys a BIG ‘THANKS’ for assisting to increase my annual
earnings to a level that I never expected to attain by working on Fiverr.
continue to grow and inspire the nation.

Blessings, love and peace 🙂


It is amazing i have to share it is just 5 days into the month and i have
already earn what I would earn a whole month doing a 9-5 THANK YOU TO
INTERNET INCOME++++++++++++++


OMG, OMG, OMG, I can’t believe it. I can’t believe it. it actually works. i
went to the NCB Bank On The Go ATM, to use my fiverr/payoneer card
for the first time. I put in the card, put password, select the credit card
option and enter the amount i needed(Jamaica currency) and the
money came out. I thought it was going to give me some error message
or sometime. I could not believe it. THIS THING IS FOR REAL. THIS
THING IS FOR REAL. OMG. I can go ahead and pay some bills. Thanks
again IIJ team, thanks, thanks, thanks, thanks, thanks. OMG THIS IS


Hi guys,
I was went to freelancing boot camp, singed up, got expert advice and
withing a day after the training I got two buyers! Look at my reviews. I am
so happy!


It’s been a few months and It’s all still so surreal.
Every time I make a purchase or withdraw money using my Payoneer
card it’s like I’m in disbelief. I’m so happy I decided to barrow that money
and attend that boot camp in january. It has changed everything. I have
moved from wondering if I would a sale to getting to level 2 in
approximately 3 months. Words aren’t enough to express how grateful I
am for this opportunity.Thank you, thank you and thank you IIJ & friends!


I just want to say thanks to Lord and also to internet income jamaica.


Hi IIJ, it’s been 2 months since I am fiverr and due to my hard work that
led to my success in becoming a “Level 2” seller this morning. I am in the
Pro League now!!! Thanks Alicia and all the supportive team members. 🙂


thanks internet income, life changing experience


When persons ask if the iij bootcamp is worth it, I simply say “it paid for


Also, I hate a milestone! I’ve finally made $1000 in revenues since going to
a bootcamp in January 2015, but I started earning like the second week in February.
Going to this bootcamp has unlocked so many avenues and possibilities
for me! I even made into the acknowledgement of several books, and
have worked for some really cool people.
I’m only 17, but I already have so many references and friends in the
business world that I can use to propel myself further when i’m finally
finished with school.
Thank you Internet Income Jamaica!
(Everyone in this group is AMAZING! :D)


It is a good feeling to receive a review of this calibre … of course, the tip is an added bonus.

We often talk about upsells. This client contacted me for a job that would have probably cost less
than $100. I took a leap with an $11 ‘investment’ in his book and ended up with a $295! Now, I have
another project lined up and that is separate from the original job that he contacted me about.

Just for clarification, this was his second order-valued at $45 order on which he give me $18 making
a total of $63 that netted me $50.00.

Colour me happy!:)

I am so glad that I made this step in attending the Internet Income Jamaica seminar. I am doing very well at the moment and I am so happy that I ventured into the unknown because you never know where you can end up.Thank you again to you and the rest of your team and have a great day!!


I can’t sleep because of Fiverr and Upwork Omg
The orders keep coming in, tired and want to sleep but a girl got to do the job
Thanks IIJ
I feel so independent earning my own money online

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