Voice Acting 101

Voice Acting 101


A lot of different elements come together to create animated films. There are artists who draw the characters, separate from the artists who draw the backgrounds. Then there are the artists who color them and the artists to create the computer graphics versions. Then the actual animators come in to make the pictures move. On the audio side, there are the musicians who create the score – that music that plays in scenes without talking and of course, there are the real people who read the lines of the animated characters. They are voice actors.

Being a voice actor means getting paid to read lines and have your voice recorded. Animation isn’t the only field that demands voice actors though. Voice actors are used to record narration for documentaries, video games, audio books, radio dramas, commercials, puppet shows, amusement rides, automated answering machines, audio for powerpoint presentations and even apps for computers, phones and other mobile devices.

While many of these productions can be on a large scale, they often use unknown voice actors and YOU could be one of them. With the advent of the digital workplace and the interconnection of the global workforce, it has become easier than ever to gain access to the unseen world of voice acting.

For talented individuals with distinct and colorful voices and accents plus good pronunciation, it’s easy to get started in this field. All they need is to have access to facilities needed to record clear, high quality audio. With a small investment in a good microphone and some audio editing software and access to a computer to edit on and a quiet room to record in, anyone can be ready to go by working from home – Children, teenagers, young adults, middle aged adults and even the elderly.


Regardless of age, race, class and level of education there is a place in this exciting field for everyone because the only thing people consider when hiring a voice actor online is whether their voice is right for the project and if they can deliver high quality files in a timely manner. Of course it can still be confusing to get started, there are lots of websites where companies post projects and invite voice actors to apply for the job but which ones are free? Which ones are the easiest to use? What applications should you use to record and how do you ensure a high quality recording? While it’s easy to get started it can still be a complicated process but companies like Internet Income Jamaica actually offer affordable classes that teach people the basics of voice acting and how to make money online as a freelance voice actor.

The classes or “boot camps” are open to people of all ages and take place on weekends. That means even persons with day jobs or school can have the opportunity to take a short 1 or 2 day course on a field they’re passionate about pursuing. The biggest incentive apart from working in a field you love, is the potential to earn big from your passion. The voice actors who play the roles of the characters in ‘The Simpsons’ made $400,000 USD per episode at the peak of the show’s popularity. Just for turning up to a studio to record their voice. Lots of other high paying voice acting opportunities are out there waiting for you so get started today!


Sue-Tanya Swagberry McHorgh I am now a Level One seller! Slowly but
surely, thanks to you and your colleagues at IIJ, I am empowered to
continue growing, if only I had more time but I am extremely grateful that
the little and effort that I have expended have borne results. I shall
press on!


When I fist saw the IIJ commercial on TV I thought to myself, there’s no
way this was a scam because it was getting so much legitimate publicity.
I just remember going online and getting as much information as I could.
After about a month of just looking at it on the internet I said to myself,’I
gotta try this out’. I had a gotten a bonus at work so I was able to cover
the cost… called in sick those 2 days and went to the bootcamp.
When I sat there i was like okay, I’m gonna get rich… and then the class
started and I started to feel like I made a mistake because it just seemed
hard. I think it was the effort that scared me and knowing that it wasn’t
as easy as I thought it was going to be. But after 10 months of awesome
experiences and amazing opportunities I can definitely say it was worth it.
I’ve been having a blast so…
THANK YOU ALICIA AND IIJ. This is just one of the many…


Well, InternetIncomeJamaica, exactly 12 months passed, and i want
to give you guys a BIG ‘THANKS’ for assisting to increase my annual
earnings to a level that I never expected to attain by working on Fiverr.
continue to grow and inspire the nation.

Blessings, love and peace 🙂


It is amazing i have to share it is just 5 days into the month and i have
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OMG, OMG, OMG, I can’t believe it. I can’t believe it. it actually works. i
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money came out. I thought it was going to give me some error message
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Hi guys,
I was went to freelancing boot camp, singed up, got expert advice and
withing a day after the training I got two buyers! Look at my reviews. I am
so happy!


It’s been a few months and It’s all still so surreal.
Every time I make a purchase or withdraw money using my Payoneer
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I just want to say thanks to Lord and also to internet income jamaica.


Hi IIJ, it’s been 2 months since I am fiverr and due to my hard work that
led to my success in becoming a “Level 2” seller this morning. I am in the
Pro League now!!! Thanks Alicia and all the supportive team members. 🙂


thanks internet income, life changing experience


When persons ask if the iij bootcamp is worth it, I simply say “it paid for


Also, I hate a milestone! I’ve finally made $1000 in revenues since going to
a bootcamp in January 2015, but I started earning like the second week in February.
Going to this bootcamp has unlocked so many avenues and possibilities
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I’m only 17, but I already have so many references and friends in the
business world that I can use to propel myself further when i’m finally
finished with school.
Thank you Internet Income Jamaica!
(Everyone in this group is AMAZING! :D)


It is a good feeling to receive a review of this calibre … of course, the tip is an added bonus.

We often talk about upsells. This client contacted me for a job that would have probably cost less
than $100. I took a leap with an $11 ‘investment’ in his book and ended up with a $295! Now, I have
another project lined up and that is separate from the original job that he contacted me about.

Just for clarification, this was his second order-valued at $45 order on which he give me $18 making
a total of $63 that netted me $50.00.

Colour me happy!:)

I am so glad that I made this step in attending the Internet Income Jamaica seminar. I am doing very well at the moment and I am so happy that I ventured into the unknown because you never know where you can end up.Thank you again to you and the rest of your team and have a great day!!


I can’t sleep because of Fiverr and Upwork Omg
The orders keep coming in, tired and want to sleep but a girl got to do the job
Thanks IIJ
I feel so independent earning my own money online

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