Internet Income Jamaica is a training company providing local Jamaicans with the knowledge, skills, and tools to leverage the power of the Internet to earn money online from a global economy.

The Leadership Team

Alicia Lyttle
Lorette Lyttle
Andrew Reid
Andrew Reid

The Team

Ava joined the team in 2018. She came with a background in teaching and is also a successful freelancer in the area of Virtual Assistant and Transcription. Ava is our head trainer and you will find her in all of our Facebook groups providing amazing support. She has also created many of the training material for various courses. She loves to train and educate people to accomplish their goals.
Dwight joined the team in 2018. He came with a background in Sales, Customer Service and Online teaching. He is our front customer service contact and you will find him in the office, one the phone on all the webinars. He loves helping people to achieve their goals.
Kaycee (Sarah)
Kaycee joined the team in November of 2018 with a background in sales. She started off doing sales calls and gradually moved on to cover other areas including engagement, and public presentations. She assists persons with queries once they are registered and fosters company/customer long terms relationships by doing follow ups