Internet Income Jamaica Partners with The N.C.B. Foundation Providing Support for Unemployed Jamaicans Due to Covid-19

Supporting our nation, especially in a time of crisis, is top-priority for Internet Income Jamaica (IIJ).  We partnered with the  N.C.B. Foundation, which embraces charitable causes for the betterment of Jamaica, to offer grants for our online entrepreneurship training courses.  


Entitled the “Level Up Grant”,  this grant is designed to help Jamaicans that have become unemployed due to COVID-19.  The program aims to assist participants with taking online courses, along with finding opportunities online.  


We developed a customized program to provide the training, information, guidance, and support needed to navigate the online space now and post COVID-19. Through this program, which will be conducted 100% online, we will be teaching a variety of skills that are in demand right now and how to offer these skills online in a global marketplace immediately.  

We are pleased to partner with the N.C.B. Foundation to be able to assist those impacted by the crisis, to achieve their goals of starting their own online business during these challenging times.

Internet Income Jamaica Partners with the Jamaica Social Investment Fund.


Internet Income Jamaica is big on nation building! In our recent events, we have partnered with the Jamaica Social Investment Fund to execute a three-month- long training workshop, with members of underserved communities both in Kingston and St. James. The strategic intention of the program was
to afford community members an opportunity to work and earn online thereby leveraging the financial powers of the internet! Our energetic and receptive students were residents of communities such as Granville, Retirement, Maxfield Park, Denham Town and many more. Trainings were held from
September 2017 to December 2017 and saw a total of 60 students graduating from the Program! This initiative was executed under agreement and funding from the Inter-Community Development Program (ICDP) of which the Directors of IIJ were elated to be apart of . Today our students have
done well to put to use the training they received and are now one step closer to the best financial period of their lives!
Internet Income Jamaica Partners with the Jamaica Social Investment Fund.

The Child Development Agency executes Skills Development Workshop with Internet Income Jamaica

The life of a child represents hope and continuity for any nation and Internet Income Jamaica is fully aware of this! We have made it a duty therefore to invest in the youths of today, to secure the hope for a brighter tomorrow. We partnered with the Child Development Agency to execute a Skills Development Workshop by the Homestead Girls’ Home. In this venture, we taught the young ladies how to engage computer skill sets such as basic graphic designing, photo editing and many more, in an effort to earn online. Here at IIJ, we denounce the thought that your present reality disqualifies you from being all that you can be and more! We took care to empower and encourage the young ladies not just financially but emotionally and mentally as well, as a way of fostering their holistic development.