Frequently Asked Questions

OK, So a lot of questions have come in about our upcoming bootcamp here at Internet Income Jamaica and we have answers for you! Read the questions and their answers below and reply to us via email if you still have questions!

Ok, well we do a 2 day hands on training where people come to learn how to set up their business online. We don’t lecture, we don’t teach theory; we are practical. Bring a laptop ( or rent one from us ) and lets get to work.

The things we do are results based and the result you get is YOU earning online! We have a number of different training events each month. To check out and register for our training events please check out:

Just bring the skills you have and you will be all set. Even if you think you don’t have any skills at all, we will help you find them – because you do have skills! You should also know how to turn on a computer and use the internet.

Of course! We wouldn’t teach you anything that doesn’t work. Follow everything we tell you to do and you might make your first dollar online before you leave the bootcamp! You can read the success stories on our page, and you will hear from past students during the bootcamp.

Well this is the wrong question to ask – you should be asking – “What is the fee to invest in my future!!” = ) It costs $15,000 for the 2 day training. If you follow the instructions given, you will make that back in no time! What other business can you invest $15,000 JMD in and get a return on that money for life? Well in our bootcamp you can.

Alicia Lyttle and Lorette Lyttle will be presenting at this event. They have taught Internet Marketing all over the world and will be flying in from Orlando, Florida to teach at this bootcamp. There will also be a few guest presenters including past bootcamp students who are currently making money online.

Bootcamp Requirements

• An understanding of basic use of a computer

• An active gmail email account. We recommend that you get a account. Sign up at

• A laptop to bring to training with wireless internet capability
– Please make sure you know how to use it and you know how to get wireless internet connected. Test it at a wifi hotspot if you are not sure.

Alicia & Lorette Lyttle born and raised in the USA to a Jamaican father and Guyanese mother which explains their strong connection to the Caribbean and their mission which is to help the people of Jamaica see a brighter future by being able to leverage the power of the internet to create financial success and personal freedom.

YOU. As long as you are looking at how to make money on the internet, this bootcamp is or you. We teach people who:
– Already have a job but are looking for something additional to do to make some money on the side.
– Are unemployed and looking to Create Their Own Job!
– Own their own company.
– Work for a company that wants to have their employees market their company online.

Yes, prior to the event we will be sending you an email with some specific pre-work that you will need to do before the event.

Please contact us if you are a Seventh Day Adventist and can’t attend because of your religion.

You can register on the site by going to Register Page
You can register at the location 39B Eastwood Park Road, Kingston 10, Jamaica
You can register by making a deposit in a Scotia Bank account.
Account number: 41600
Branch: 21725
Once you have completed the wire, please send the confirmation information to [email protected] so we can finalize your registration.

No there isn’t. The youngest student we’ve had was 11 years old. Once you have a basic understanding of the computer and other basic skills you can excel in this program too.

Smart question! You have 2 choices, you can register online

Or you can register in our office:
39B Eastwood Park Road, Kingston 10, Jamaica
(Next to Mega Mart)

Yes we have Facebook groups, free masterminds and webinars

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